Origami Owl Reviews Third Party Review

15 Dec 2013 05:17

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Origami Owl Reviews - The Product Or Service
This product seems neat enough. They are lockets that have a glass front which you could individualize by having smaller sized charms on the inside based on the individual who is to receive it. They have a variety of different assortments from danglers to pendants to full charms. Cool idea. Origami Owl also provides pendants with terms like Inspire, Namaste and Grace. All these vary between $5 to $16
Origami Owl Reviews - The Price of the Business
The Basic package is $149.00 and you are a home based business owner. As well as now being a small business owner, you will get a bunch of merchandise.
You also have the next phase up known as the 10 Person Party Package. This components of this particular package deal are the same with the exception of you will get 2 to 3 times the product as the Basic Package. In addition, you receive a PV (Personal Volume) = $200. That, it appears as though a bonus.
Origami Owl Reviews - Promoting
Just like any small business, you're going to need to get people to buy your products. What Origami Owl suggests would be to have parties, these parties are called a Jewelry Bar. You'll invite your friends and family over, talk about the product, make a few charms and generate an income. The real money comes in whenever you sell retail kits. I did some fairly substantial looking however couldn't find a lot on what earnings you could produce or what you may receive in recurring. I need to apologize. I actually Googled Origami Compensation Plan, Lol ….
Origami Owl Reviews - My Summary
This company looks cool. I dig what the product is, what it symbolizes as well as the fact that it will bring men and women together. This doesn't appear like most of the rubbish which is circulating around the web. The only real damaging stuff I came across had been the customer service wasn't very responsive.
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